+ The Navigator companies Get Funded?

$50,000 is offered to all Navigator companies upon acceptance in exchange for 6%, plus:

  • A 17 weeks program with intense, hands-on mentorship
  • Connections to EL AL’s & JetBlue’s Networks
  • Office space for 4 months (3 months in Tel Aviv and 1 month in Silicon Valley) + an opportunity for an additional 8 months
  • Commercialization Demo Days in Israel and USA
  • Access to Real Data
  • Opportunity for 1st Enterprise Client
  • Opportunity for Beta Site

+ What kind of Startups do you fund?

We fund Travel and Aviation related startups. But we’ve also funded companies from other industries that has a game changing product for our industry. So If you are currently operating in a different vertical but interested in entering the Air-Travel world - Let Us Know

+ Do you accept competitive Startups to the Navigator?

We Don’t accept competitive companies into the same Navigator class.

+ What is the Navigator added value for startup?

Cockpit’s, EL AL’s and JetBlue’s expertise, networking, and mentoring. The Navigator program will globally improve your chances for success and sustainability. Once you in, we’re motivated to help you succeed by flying your business to the future of Air Travel.

+ Who are the most notable Cockpit Innovation Hub companies?

Please check out Routier, BidFlyer, QuickLizard and Nuyberg&Bulka. You can find their profile inside the website’s Portfolio page.

+ Can a company be “too mature” to apply to the Navigator?

We are searching for startups with international appeal and ambition. Strong leadership and a determined teams with a game changing vision for Air Travel, and a basic prototype.

If you still feel like you are “too mature” you should checkout our “FUND” program where we are giving an opportunity for advanced startups that fall under at least one of these categories:

  • >$2M in funding
  • Major clients in a different industry
  • $500K ARR

+ After applying, can we contact the mentors and/or the team to get them interested in what we’re doing?

No. The mentors are not a part of the selection process. We recommend to not send them emails or contact them.

+ Can you stop by our place to say hello?

We ask candidates, and basically everyone: ”Don’t stop by our offices without an appointment”. We are happy to consider taking an appointment, so please Contact us.

+ Do we need to be in the Navigator location for the entire 4-month period in both Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley?

Yes. We do require that the core team will based on site during the program. For the 1 month period in Silicon Valley only 1 member, the CEO, will travel while the rest of the team will stay in Tel Aviv at Cockpit HQ.

+ What If the team members needs to travel somewhere or want to take a vacation?

Navigator is only 17 weeks long and it is crucial for your success to be around most of the time. for special occasions and/or reasons, we do want you to do what’s best for your business, so traveling as necessary with consulting with us before and giving us a heads up and should be okay with us.

+ Do we have to stay around when the program ends after 4 months?

No. But your team may receive the opportunity for an additional 8-month of office space by the Navigator to fly even higher with your startup .

+ Can we apply if our company or founders are not from Israel or the US?

Yes. As an international program anyone from anywhere can apply.

+ Can you help with Visa/immigration issues?

We don’t arrange Visas, but we can try and help in anyway possible. You should have a standard Visa for the US or for Israel.

Because the program is 3 months in Tel Aviv and 1 month in Silicon Valley, a standard visa should be enough.

+ What else does the Navigator provide?

We provide all the Navigator selected teams working and meeting spaces, open space with WIFI connection and pretty much everything the teams need to feel as comfortable as possible.

+ How can we get funded and develop our venture after the Navigator ends?

We provide an initial funding from day 1. Near the end of the four months program, we’ll organize an international Demo Day where our network; partners, angel investors and venture capitalists will attend. There is always the possibility that we may also fund your company further through Cockpit Innovation Hub and JetBlue Technology Ventures the venture capital arm of JetBlue.

+ What sort of control startups give up by granting equity?

Cockpit Innovation Hub and JetBlue Technology Ventures wants to be viewed as a supporting partner for the whole process. We don’t want any special or controlling interests in your venture. You guys are the leaders.

+ Can a single founder get accepted into Navigator?

We strongly encourage single founders to seek co-founders to balance their skillset. For example, if one is a strong developer, he might consider adding someone with business orientation. If one has great marketing expertise without a developer by his side to lead the technology, it’s unlikely we’ll accept you into the Navigator.

+Where will we live while we’re in Tel Aviv / Silicon Valley?

Housing is up to you – we don’t provide a place to live in Tel Aviv. If you’re accepted into the Navigator, we will assign someone on our end to help you find housing. We will provide housing during the 1-month period in Silicon Valley for the representative of the startups that will fly there.

+ How do you choose which companies to accept into the Navigator program?

We usually choose great teams who are proposing products that solve industry problems or create meaningful innovations in Travel and Aviation. If you want to know what normally catches our eye, make sure you have the following lined up:

  • Detailed information about your team and their skills.
  • Make progress on your prototype or product and reference it when applying.
  • Prove us you are really dedicated to your startup.
  • Demonstrate traction and provide data points to validate your core assumptions.

+ Is age a factor in the Navigator selection process?


+ When will I hear back about my application?

We have a very strict process here at the Navigator. We will read your application, evaluate it, invite you (if relevant) for a meeting, and invite you to our Flight-School boot- camp where you will be able to pitch your startup to EL AL’s and JetBlue’s key decision makers.

Following this process we will notify you if you’re accepted to the Navigator. We try our best to notify applicants at least 1 month before the program starts.

+ What time exactly do applications close?

All applications close on at 11:59 p.m. (GMT+3) Time on the date indicated on our application page.

+ Can I apply to both the Navigator and the FUND?

No. You can apply only to the Navigator. Startups who are answering the FUND categories should apply only by referrals.

+ Do I need to attached a business plan to my application?

Please follow up with our application form on F6S when the application process is enabled.

+ My team is outsourcing different services. Can we still apply?

We’re basically happy to consider any application. But please note, being a strong skillful team is a part of our evaluation criterias.

+ What’s the overall timeline for the Navigator?

Check the schedule for details.

+ Do we have to work out of the Navigator office?

Yes. We believe there is a great deal of value in working out of the Navigator offices. Cockpit team, EL AL’s and JetBlue’s team alongside mentors and the other companies of the Navigator interacting there present some great opportunities.

+ What will a typical day at the Navigator will look like?

In general, the teams be working on their product most of the time. We don’t tell you what to do or when to do it, but we create an atmosphere and a community that is aimed to help your venture on a daily basis. The Navigator schedule is very unique and productive.

+ What about the Startups intellectual property?

We treat each and every application as highly confidential information. We always protect startups intellectual property. It is omportant for us to mentione that we see all kinds of applications all the time and many of them include similar ideas.

+ What if we’re not happy with the Navigator experience?

It will definitely be a first. We strongly believe in the value of the Navigator program and of our very strong network. Being a program that also invest money in every startup who joins the Navigator, It is in our best interest to fly your company as far as possible.

+ Do you often offer internships to people interested in the Navigator?

Yes! Contact Us to become an Associate

Other questions, comments, or concerns?

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Send us an email at info@cockpitinnovation.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP!