The Case of Newledge

The Challenge: 

There is a known gap in the Aviation industry that the employees’ awareness to cyber attacks is the weakest link. Studies have shown that more than 85% of all successful cyber breaches in businesses are caused by human error. Thousands of employees are lacking sufficient knowledge on how to respond and react to cyberthreats that the aviation industry is facing daily.

Newledge Leaderboard

The aviation industry relies heavily on IT infrastructure for its ground and flight operations. The security of these airline systems directly impacts the operational safety and efficiency of the industry and indirectly impacts the service, reputation, and financial aspects. 

Making sure all employees are in line, recognizing and understanding the threats and dangers inherent in Cyberattacks, and also being familiar with basic tools and recommendations that will help reduce organizational cyberattacks is crucial.

The Process:

Demo Day at El Al Headquarter

After searching for an efficient and scalable solution we have recognized that Newledge technology provides cutting-edge corporate training that leverages the most advanced experiential learning tools, mainly in cyber awareness. Newledge has created unique virtual experiences, accessible through multiple channels, taking employees into virtual realities experience, from which they return hyped and with much more knowledge.

Together we have worked on a precise scenario designed for the needs of the Aviation Industry which provides the most effective learning tool. 

Training El Al’s Executives

The Result:

Newledge takes the user into an interactive and engaging learning experience through AI technology, gamification, and competition.

The designed learning courses were tested in ELAL Airlines teams and were proven to have a great impact.

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