Our Recipe for Success

Cockpit Innovation is an open innovation and investment hub helping to scale ventures in the aviation and food industries.
We at Cockpit work with some of the leading corporations and most promising startups in the ecosystem to source, commercialize, and eventually deploy the best innovative solutions available to create meaningful business impact.
Our unique advantage sits within our strategic positioning among industry leaders, allowing us to leverage those relationships and help entrepreneurs forge meaningful business collaborations deep within the industry.


Cockpit’s success in commercializing startups within our partners stems
from our unique 7-step methodology, which includes everything from mapping
challenges and sourcing solutions, to conducting POC processes that will
eventually lead to commercialization.



Our Investment portfolio continues to grow as we invest in more thoughtful, sustainable and outstanding startups that come across our platform. Cockpit’s ability to work and empower startups in global scale contracts with industry leaders enhances our ability to identify the startup’s life cycle and scalability . We invest smarter, because we know them better.
Having scaled dozens of companies since our inception, Cockpit has built a remarkable track record with its partners and the entrepreneurial community. Cockpit is constantly striving to expand, improve, and move forward; never standing still and
letting opportunities go by.

This approach has served Cockpit well, as it has managed to partner with industry leading corporations and attract some of the most promising entrepreneurs.
The focus of Cockpit and all of our shareholders is to impact through innovation, or, to put it another way, Cockpit embedded a culture of empowering exploration and creativity as part of the usual workload. The more you support innovation in your teams, the greater the impact will become.

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