data and analytics

Data and Analytics are attracting more and more attention in recent years due to the rapid development of advanced technologies nowadays. A massive amount of real time data regarding flight information and performance, airport conditions, weather, ticket prices, air traffic, etc., are available for the industry to analyse using AI, data science and machine learning tools.

Aviation industry is using data science and analytics in every link in the chain for revenue management, route planning, prediction of flight delays, fuel consumption and optimisation to ground operation efficiency, flight turnover management and more.

Recognizing the importance of data and analytics for decision making in aviation, Cockpit has created a pool of collaborations with innovative startups and promising technologies in order to create services that will provide a valuable solution for managing and analysing big data in real time.

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Increase in Aviation cyber attacks
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Human error breaches
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North America and Europe suffer from daily Cyberattacks in Aviation
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Cybersecurity awareness has the highest priority

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Cockpit’s unique advantage lies in our strategic positioning, among industry leaders from one side, to our geographical location in the center of Startup nation-Israel. This combination as well as our deep innovative knowledge allow us to fully understand the current problems of the industry and to find the exact solutions that meet these needs.

We are quick, active, and effective. We create collaborations with promising entrepreneurs and innovative technologies to provide solutions for our customers that enable us to leverage these relationships and help entrepreneurs create meaningful business collaborations deep within the industry.

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