Take your Cyber Awareness To The Sky


Hackers consistently target the weakest link in organizations cyber defense, the human element. Leveraging deficiency of awareness and inability to identify threats and act upon them.

Traditional training methods lack the required effectiveness to change organization culture and to transform the human element into a human shield from cyberattacks.


Increase in Aviation Cyber Attacks during 2019-2020


Financially Motivated


Of breaches caused by human error


Passengers Data were compromised during 2018 Cathy Pacific Airline cyber attack.


Passengers Data were compromised during 2020 EasyJet Airline cyber attack.


THE NEXTGEN CYBER AWARENESS Training & Simulations Designed For The Aviation Industry

The Aviation Awareness Solution designed to strengthen the human factor  
Intending to create better shield for airline network from any cyberattack
Anytime, Anywhere.

Get your employees the most effective cyber awareness training using
VR simulations, AI and competition, and strengthen your IT infrastructures and
network from daily cyberattacks

Make your cyber awareness training unforgettable by leveraging our gamified platform. Using virtual reality technology, interactive and engaging, let them experience the latest cyber threats and challenges, and qualify them to act as your shield against malicious cyber attacks.

A Designated Scenario to Every Department

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