IntellAct is an AI video analytics tool that provides airlines, airports and ground handling teams full visibility into aircraft’s turnaround services. It utilizes a deep-learning video algorithm that identifies in real-time the the entire tasks of the turnaround service. It provides real-time alerts and buisness insights to identify bottlenecks and delays, and efficiently resolve them to reduce delays and related costs.

Case Study
Being cost effective is one of the great challenges the Aviation industry is facing, these days in particular. To keep airports profitable and efficient, ground handling operations are under more pressure than ever to speed up aircraft turnaround times that can range from 25 minutes for short haul, to 90 minutes for long haul premium airlines.

Cockpit has identified IntellAct product, for real time automatic detection of ground service equipment and turnaround services, as an innovative solution that best addresses this problem. We have started working together with IntellAct from pre-seed stages helping them to characterize the problem and the solution, by providing ELAL Airlines premises as a beta site and playground for testing, we’ve worked on the product characteristics and crafted a thoughtful, actionable and effective go-to-market strategy.

IntellAct artificial intelligence turnaround management service has proven to work effectively and efficiently and they have gained a quick track record of successes in the industry.

Cockpit has joined to IntellAct seed round as an investor and continues to collaborate daily, aiming to reach more potential target audiences in order to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to turnaround management in real-time.



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